We continue to grow our herd on our little farm.    All of my girls are handled on a daily basis and have sweet disposition. Each doe possesses qualities that are desirable in a Nigerian Dwarf doe, including good structure and dairy lines.    All does are ADGA registered and are negative for CAE, CL, and Johne's.  They are given regular vaccinations, supplements, and are tested for parasites. 

Our does participate in Dairy Herd Improvement (DHI) and we expect our does (Anise and Saffron) to receive their stars this year.  

We are in the process of updating our kidding schedule for 2021 reservations and expect to have the page complete by the end of August!

To see a detailed report of an individual doe, click on the photo or title below.


JA Elizabeth Side Photo

The Shalgo Farm JA Elizabeth
Blue Eyes, Moonspots

Shalgo Farm YU Pop Pop Poppy

Terra Bella FL Blue Zantanna
Blue Eyes, Moonspots


Shalgo Farm Mimosa
Elizabeth's Daughter
Blue Eyes, Moonspots, Polled

Shalgo Farm Mint Julep
Elizabeth's Daughter
Blue Eyes, Moonspots

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