The Shalgo Farm JA Elizabeth



Description:  Elizabeth was born on our farm in May 2019.  As she matures, she is showing good lines and structure.  We are hoping that she continues on the excellent lines of her dam, Saffron.   We will be breeding her in 2021 to Yukon in the hopes of having polled, blue-eyed kids.  

We look forward to having her appraised and entering DHI in 2022!

  • ADGA: D22029168
  • Birth:  05/14/2019
  • Physical Characteristics:  Buckskin with Heavy White Overlay, Blue  Eyes
  • LA2021: +VE+ 83 (First Freshener - score will improve with age)
  • Kidding History
    • 2021: Triplets, 2 Doelings, 1 Buckling (1 polled, 2 disbudded)
    • 2022: Triplets, 1 Doeling, 2 Bucklings (2 polled, 1 disbuded)


Lil Swataras ND I Spot Trouble

Sire's Sire
Minslil1S DK Percy

Sire's Dam
Addyson Acres B Pandora Moon

Waterloo Pond BA Saffron 6*M

Dam's Sire
Better Wayz Black Angus

Dam's Dam
Waterloo Pond T Sassafras
5*M AR 2017 ST2016  LA2017,2016