About Me:  I like does, all types of does, big, small, medium-sized, and I like to tell the world about it.  My best friend is Amaretto, although I fight with him almost every day.  I am a boy, through and through, and I have the aroma to prove it!  I tolerate mom, especially when she has treats, but hate when she does anything else to me.  I guess you could call me a shy goat, but I always have something to say. I even respond to mom and she has video to prove it on insta!  I don't always come across as the nicest goat around, but mom knows that best way to my heart is through animal crackers!    

  • Registered Name:  Silver Maple Baileys B52
  • ADGA: PD2193379
  • Birth:  05/25/2021
  • Physical Characteristics:  Chocolate with Extensive White, Moon Spots, Blue Eyes, Disbudded
  • 2023 LA:  N/A

Sire History

  • 2023: Bred to two does (3 doelings, 2 bucklings)
  • 2024: TBD









Winning Streak EB Hershey Rose *B

Sire's Sire
Phoenix Farm Exotic Bird +*B

Sires's Dam
GCH Wood Bridge Farm Hnysucklerose 3*M

Silver Maple Capuccino 5*M

Dam's Sire
The Cecil

Dam's Dam
Tiny Town Jingle Bell 4*M