About Me:  My name is Mimosa, although mom calls me Mimi for short.  I am a bit on the shy side, but I do like to occasionally come over to mom for snuggles.   My mom says that I am a larger doe and that I gave birth to my two kids so easy, it was like I barely had to push!   My status in the herd is in the middle, just under Poppy.  My best friend in the herd is Julep, my sister (although at times, I like to show her who is boss).   At night, when mom feeds us, I like to stand at the door and beg for "yummys" because mom always sneaks a snack or two my way.  

In 2023, I scored a 77 at linear appraisal as a first fresher.  The appraiser said that I am a strong-bodied doe getting a "very good" score in body.  I also scored an 35 on rump with which means I am wide through the pelvic area.  

  • Registered Name:  Shalgo Farm Mimosa
  • ADGA: PD2175977P
  • Birth:  03/31/2021
  • Physical Characteristics:  White with moonspots, blue eyes, polled
  • 2023 LA:  GGVA 77 (1st freshener)
  • DHI:  TBD 2024

Kidding History

  • 2023:  1 Doeling, 1 Buckling (polled)
  • 2024: TBD









Silver Maple Leo Yukon

Sire's Sire
CH Little Tots Estate Leonidas *B

Sires's Dam
Old Mountain Farm Good Cheer

The Shalgo Farm JA Elizabeth

Dam's Sire
Lil Swataras ND I Spot Trouble

Dam's Dam
Waterloo Pond BA Saffron