Terra Bella FL Blue Zatanna



Description:  Zanna was brought onto our farm during 2021 to expand the genetics of our herd.  She is a smaller goat, but has good structure and nice dairy lines.   Zanna is a sweet natured goat and had no problems delivering her one BIG girl in 2022.  She has good hand milking teats and her udder expands well.

We look forward to having her appraised and entering DHI in 2023

  • ADGA: D2079396
  • Birth:  12/31/2019
  • Physical Characteristics:  Black and White with Blue Eyes
  • Kidding History
    • 2022.  1 Doeling (Disbudded)


CH Terra Bella ST The Flash *B

Sire's Sire
Old Mountain Farm Stalactite
+*B AR2017

Sires's Dam
Buttin' Heads Sittin Pretty 3*M

Terra Bella Blue Moon

Dam's Sire
Old Mountain Farm Stalactite
+*B AR2017

Dam's Dam
AGS Bannerfiled Farm Moody Blue
2*M AR2015