***2020 Goat Kids***

Broken Willow Sierra + Waterloo Pond ME Alexandre (Date of Birth:  3/20/2020)

M1: Female/Polled

Buckskin with splash of white on right.

M2: Female/Polled
Buckskin with white spots on left and right.

M3: Male/Disbudded RESERVED
Buckskin with white spots on left and right.  Frosted Ears.

M4: Male/Disbudded RESERVED
Buckskin with abundant white.  Moonspots.

M5: Female/Disbudded - RETAINED
Buckskin with abundant white.  Frosted Ears. Black boots.

M6: Male/Disbudded RESERVED
Buckskin with scattered white. Frosted ears. 

M7: Female/Disbudded 
Light Chamoisee, White Polled

Waterloo Pond BA Anise + Silver Maple Leo Yukon (Date of Birth:  3/24/2020)

M8: Male/Disbudded RESERVED
Brown with abundant white,  Moonspots


M9: Male/Disbudded RESERVED
White with splashes of black and brown.  Moonspots