Products and Crafts

At Shalgo farm, all of our products/crafts are handmade in West Virginia and use locally sourced materials (when possible).  

We offer three categories of products:  wood and metal signs, art work, and farm products. We will work with you to design a product that will fit into your decor and lifestyle.  In the future, I may open an ETSY shop, but in the mean time, if you are interested in one of our products, please use our  contact us  page.  I look forward to working you on our next art project!

Prices listed below are an estimate and could change based on size, design, materials, etc. 

Product Sales Policy

All materials featured on the Farm Products and Crafts Page are handmade, onsite at Shalgo Farm. We want to make sure that you are happy with your handcrafted item!  

There will be irregularities from one piece to another due to differences in wood, metal, and paint.  Because our items are rustic in design, the wood may contain holes, scratches, gouges, and other oddities.  The metal is hand-cut, so you may find that some metal pieces contain sharp edges or are irregular.   Our pieces are sealed with either polyacrylic or polyurethane and are meant for INDOOR USE only.  We cannot guarantee any product that is placed outdoors. 

If your product is damaged during shipping or has a major defect, we will replace your item at no cost to you (all you need to do is pay for shipping of the new item).  You must provide pictures of damage or defect and an explanation of why you are requesting a replacement.  If you would like a refund, you will need to return the item to us and a refund will be given once the item is received. 

  Wood and Metal Signs

Our metal and wood signs have a primitive/rustic styling starting with locally-sourced barn wood products.   Our sheet metal designs are hand-cut and painted onsite.  Additionally, some metal work is aged through a chemical rusting process.  We use stencils to hand-paint our signs with acrylics or in some cases, we use the scroll saw to cut script to give the wording a 3-dimensional affect.   All wood is sealed using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Wax-Clear or a clear poly-acrylic.  Metal is sealed with a clear polycrylic. 

Below you will find some examples of my work (you can see a larger image by clicking on the thumbnail).  I can recreate a sign below or we can make a new design for you!

Starting prices for art work are as follows:
Small Sign (6-8 inches):  $20 and up
Medium Sign (12-24 inches): $30 and up
Large Sign (24-36 inches):  $40 and up
Extra Large Sign (>36 inches):  $50 and up

There will be an additional cost (based on size and detail) if metal or scrolled wood is added to a sign. 

If you are interested in commissioning an artistic sign, please contact us!

Wood and metal signs are for indoor use only (unless stated below).

  Art Work

Our art work incorporates wood and metal components.  Our wood is locally sourced and can include hardwood species such as maple, cherry, walnut, ash, and osage.  All wood used in our pieces are hand-cut or scrolled onsite.  If hardwoods are used, they are preserved with tongue oil to bring out the natural color of the wood.  In some instances when other types of wood are used (such as palette wood), a wood stain may be used to obtain an artistic effect.  Metal art work is hand-cut, painted onsite, and sealed with a clear polycrylic. 

Below you will find some examples of my work (you can see a larger image by clicking on the thumbnail).  I can recreate a piece of art or we can make a new design for you!  

Cost will very based on the time, wood, and detail in the art piece.  An estimate of starting costs can be found with each piece of art.  

If you are interested in commissioning a piece of art, please contact us!

Wood and metal art are for indoor use only.

Farm Products

Our farm products are sourced from our farm and are seasonal in nature.  When items become available, they will be posted on our site below.     

In 2019 our products will include: 
Bee Related Products: Honey, Beeswax, Beeswax Products such as Lotion Bars and Salves
Goat's Milk: Goats Milk for Crafting, Goat's Milk Soap, and Goat's Milk Lotion

We do not have any farm products available at this time.  Check back in March/April of 2019!