About Me:  Hi!  My name is Julep, although my mom calls me JuGe. I am my mom's favorite goat.  When I was young, she thought I wasn't going to make it, so she brought me inside, to warm me up and hoped that I would make it to the morning.  She put me back with my mom, she accepted me, and the rest is history!  I love snuggling up to mom, and will stand still to let her pet me and when she stops, I want more and paw at her to keep it up (which of course, she does, as I have trained her to do so).    I am such a special goat, that my mom lets me eat separately from the others in the food prep area (or maybe its because I am a slow eater, who knows - I know I just love it).  When I was young, I was body slammed up against a wall by an older doe and have a stiff leg when I get up from a rest...but I still run around and act completely normal otherwise!

In 2023, I scored a 75 at linear appraisal as a first fresher.  I scored good in dairy strength and body...my mom tells me that I have great milk production too!  I fed all four of my kids last year (yes, I am a rock star)!

  • Registered Name:  Shalgo Farm Mint Julep
  • ADGA: PD2175976
  • Birth:  03/31/2021
  • Physical Characteristics:  Chamoisee with abundant white
  • 2023 LA:  AGGA 77 (1st freshener)
  • DHI:  TBD 2024

Kidding History

  • 2023:  1 Doeling, 3 Bucklings
  • 2024: TBD









Silver Maple Leo Yukon

Sire's Sire
CH Little Tots Estate Leonidas *B

Sires's Dam
Old Mountain Farm Good Cheer

The Shalgo Farm JA Elizabeth

Dam's Sire
Lil Swataras ND I Spot Trouble

Dam's Dam
Waterloo Pond BA Saffron