About Me:  I like long walks in the pasture, food (I'm not too picky), and when mom feeds us cookies.  My mom named my Poppy as I used to jump the four foot fence around the weaning pen as a doeling.  I know, I know...that was frustrating for all parties involved, but I can't do it now - so "water under the bridge". 

I am herd queen, so a bit of a bully and I like everyone else's food when given the chance to eat it.  I am the best milk producer on the farm and keep up production until mom decides to dry us off in the fall. 

In 2023, I scored a 82 at linear appraisal as a second fresher.  The appraiser said that I am a strong-bodied doe getting a "very good" score in general appearance,  dairy strength, and body.  I have never had a problem kidding and don't plan on it in the future (that's where having a high score - 35- on rump width helps).

  • Registered Name:  Shalgo Farm YU Pop Pop Poppy
  • ADGA: D2100032
  • Birth:  03/21/2020
  • Physical Characteristics:  Chamoisee with abundant white and frosted ears, disbudded, brown eyes
  • 2023 LA:  VVVA 82 (2nd freshener)
  • DHI:  TBD 2024

Kidding History

  • 2022:  1 Buckling (Polled)
  • 2023:  2 Doelings, 1 Buckling
  • 2024: TBD









Silver Maple Leo Yukon

Sire's Sire
CH Little Tots Estate Leonidas *B
LA 2017, 2016, 2015

Sire's Dam
Old Mountain Farm Good Cheer
LA 2019, 2018

Waterloo Pond BA Saffron 6*M

Dam's Sire
Better Wayz Black Angus *B
LA 2017, 2016

Dam's Dam
Waterloo Pond T Sassafras 5*M
AR 2017  ST2016  LA2017,2016