Zanna's sale is pending.  She is priced at $500.

About Me:  I am a gentle soul, so much so that I am the lowest goat in the herd. My mom felt bad for me as I don't really have any friends, so she let me keep one of my kids, Sunna, for companionship (we stick to each other like glue, so I am happy about that)!  I am great on the milk stand and produce a good amount of milk (right behind the herd queen), and that ain't bad since I am a smaller goat.     I am the only doe in the herd that wasn't born on the farm (I guess that makes me special)..and mom affectionally calls me, Zanna Bannana :).

In 2023, I scored a 81 at linear appraisal as a second fresher.  The appraiser said that I am a strong-bodied doe getting a "very good" score in body and I have a "good plus" mammary.  My mom said that I have excellent hand milking teats! 

Kidding is not a problem for me and I am a great mom.  I might be lowest goat, but I take care of my kids when I need to!

  • Registered Name:  Terra Bella FL Blue Zatanna
  • ADGA: D2079396
  • Birth:  12/31/2019
  • Physical Characteristics:  Black and White, disbudded, blue eyes
  • 2023 LA:  GGVG 81 (2nd freshener)
  • DHI:  TBD 2024

Kidding History

  • 2022:  1 Doeling
  • 2023:  1 Doeling, 1 Buckling
  • 2024: N/A









CH Terra Bella ST The Flash *B

Sire's Sire
Old Mountain Farm Stalactite
+*B AR2017

Sires's Dam
Buttin' Heads Sittin Pretty 3*M

Terra Bella Blue Moon

Dam's Sire
Old Mountain Farm Stalactite +*B AR2017

Dam's Dam
AGS Bannerfield Farm Moody Blue 2*M AR2015