Goat Sales Policy

All adult goats are ADGA registered and available kids can be registered.  Prices listed are farm pick-up only.   Once your interest in a kid has been confirmed, we will put you on the interested list (and you will see your initials confirmed on our kidding page).  At the time of kidding, interested parties (on a first come first serve basis) will be contacted with photos of available choices.  If you choose to reserve a kid at that time, we will require a deposit of $150 for a doe and $50 for a wether.  Deposits are non-refundable and are due within seven days of your selection.   In the event that we are unable to provide the animal to you (animal sickness, farm retainment, etc.), you will receive a full refund of your deposit.  A change in mind on your part does not merit a refund.   At any time, we do reserve the right to retain an animal born here.

Most kids are dam raised and will need to be picked up at 8-weeks.  Upon pick-up, you will be responsible for the remaining FULL balance (checks are not accepted).  In the rare event that a kid will need to be bottle-raised, we will expect pick-up at 2-weeks.  Unless prior arrangements are made, a boarding fee of $10/day will be charged if you cannot pick up the animal at 8-weeks.  

All goats on our farm are healthy and are tested annually for CAE, CL, and Johne's (results available upon request).   We expect our kids to be healthy upon leaving the farm and once an animal leaves, the responsibility of that animal will fall to the new owner.  No guarantees are given once an animal leaves our property.  Furthermore, because we are limited on space, we do not have the ability to accept an animal back into the herd.  If you need to re-home your goat that has been purchased from our farm, please contact us and we will help you find a new home (if you are unable to find one).

Our ultimate goal is to provide you with a positive experience.  We want to make sure you are taken care of, so please contact us with any questions that you might have!

Does:  $450 unless otherwise indicated in the Kidding Schedule Page
Bucks: $400 unless otherwise indicated in the Kidding Schedule Page
Wethers:  $100.00 polled or $125.00 disbudded

A discount will be provided when purchasing multiple kids, for 4-H projects, and when a wether is purchased as a companion animal for a goat purchased from our property.


***2023 Goat Kids are Still Available***Interested in a kid?  Contact Us for more information

R1: Doeling
Disbudded, Chamoisee with random white, brown eyes

R2: Wether
Disbudded, Chamoisee with random white, blue  eyes

R3: Wether
Disbudded, Chamoisee with random white, blue eyes

R4: Doeling
Disbudded, Chamoisee, brown eyes

R5: Wether Sold
Disbudded, Gold with random White, Brown Eyes

R6: Wether Sold
Disbudded, Gold with random White, Blue Eyes

Shalgo Farm Mimosa + Silver Maple Baileys B52
(Date of Birth:  3/17/2023)

R7: Shalgo Farm Loki
Buckling Available
Polled, Mostly white with random black and brown spots, blue eyes

R8: Shalgo Farm Petal
Doeling Sold 
Disbudded, White with random black and brown spots, blue eyes


R8: Doeling Sold
Disbudded, Black with white patches, brown eyes

R10: Shalgo Farm Freya
Doeling Retained 
Disbudded, Black with random white, frosted ears, brown eyes


R11: Little Bit
Wether Sold 
Disbudded, Buckskin with random white, blue eyes


Terra Bella FL Blue Zatanna + Denbow Acres Amaretto Alexander
(Date of Birth:  May TBD)

R12: TBD Doeling - Retained

R13: TBD